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Cobra Labs was founded in 2010 and exploded into the high-performance supplement market with the inception of our now world-famous pre-workout; The Curse! The Curse! is widely regarded as one of the best pre-workout supplements on the planet. An immediately recognizable brand with a worldwide cult following, The Curse! has an enviable collection of award nominations, a huge range of industry-leading flavors and a long-running reputation for outstanding quality. The Curse! is now trademarked in more than two dozen countries and available from a distribution network that spans every continent.
Whether you love the insane energy, the mental focus or the muscle pumps, The Curse! consistently delivers the ability to smash that elusive personal best and lift your game to the next level.

Cobra Labs has been present at every leading fitness expo world-wide. The brand has travelled from LA's Olympia, to UK's Body Power, Germany's FIBO , and China Fit to name a few!

Cobra Labs is a specialist manufacturer with a precise product range, valuing great attention to detail, major quality testing and a quality guarantee.

If you're looking for supplements with a renowned reputation for top-quality performance, you've found it in Cobra Labs. This brand describe themselves as Medicine for Mayhem!

Products include, but are not limited to: Pre-Workout, Amino Acids, Fat-Burners and more!

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