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What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is simply when a shop doesn’t hold stock, but the shop’s supplier does, and they then send it directly to the customer. The box the customer receives will generally also only contain the shop’s info and nothing that indicates it came directly from the supplier.

As a shop owner, that must seem a particularly great idea. You then don’t have the risk associated with holding a vast inventory, you also don’t have to worry about ordering goods on your own & stock them. You’ll also not be paying for the storage of these items, and you won’t need to invest in a warehouse staff.

Get Your Product

You get product information from suppz.in or ask bodybuilding products you are interested in selling.

Sell Your Product

You sell products to your customers with your platform store, an independent website, offline store or other marketplaces.

Forward Your Orders

You forward orders to suppz.in on whatsapp and pay wholesale costs of products and logistics. suppz.in processes your orders and delivers the packages directly to your customers.

Get Tracking Number

You get the logistics tracking numbers on whatsapp after shipped and forward them to your customer. Your customers use tracking number to query logistics information online.

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