Universal Nutrition Animal Pak – 342 gm

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  • Animal Pak is formulated for elite athletes that are looking to fill in the nutritional gaps they might have in their diet. Eating clean and counting macros shouldn’t mean you neglect the foundational support your body needs.
  • Multivitamin, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, carnitine, and much more. Animal Pak is the cornerstone for any serious athlete’s supplement stack. After all, you can’t build a strong house with a weak foundation. Each can of Animal Pak contians 44 individually wrapped packs.
  • Each dose of Animal Pak is in it’s own individual pack that you can throw in your gym bag, work bag, or just leave it in the tin. No messy powder, no spilling, no clumping. Just grab and go convenience.
  • Simply take one pack daily with any meal, or if you are in hard training mode, take two packs daily with your meals. Easy as that.
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Amino Acids Universal Nutrition Animal Pak – 342 gm Animal Pak
Animal Cut Fat BurnerAnimal Pro Chocolate Peanut Crunch
Animal PakAnimal FlexAnimal CutsAnimal Juiced AminosAnimal Pro Chocolate Peanut CrunchAnimal Pump
High Potency Vitamins, Minerals, & Nutrients
Complete Joint & Ligament Support
Comprehensive Fat Burning
Free Form Amino Acids For Protein Synthesis
Pre-workout Energy & Focus (Powder)
Pre-workout Pumps & Focus (Packets)
TimingWith any meal (like breakfast)Anytime2x daily, separated by 6 hoursBefore, during or after the workoutPre/Post Workout BarBefore workout
Animal Gear
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Universal Nutrition

Amino Acids Universal Nutrition Animal Pak – 342 gm Animal Pak


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